Monday, 17 March 2008

Our next session after Easter

Dear All,
Just a reminder that we are NOT meeting on Wednesday 2nd April (I am away at a Writing Retreat - so may have even more writing tips to share!).

We have agreed to meet twice the week after thatTuesday, 8th when Beccy will lead her session and Wednesday 9th when I think it is Viv (?). Good luck to both of you!

Can someone email Israa and Rappel just to make sure that they get the message?

Happy Easter to you all - I do hope that you get some rest - but that you also start producing those paragraphs!!


rappel and ezra

rappel and ezra (i hope i spelled that correctly) - i need to give you a copy of an article for the session i'm doing on tues april 8th... would it be poss for you to give me your addresses so i can post it to you as i don't have electronic versions? you can email me on or cheers, beccy

note taking from readings

hi sandra - i wondered if you could help me with a quick question about notetaking, as i know this is your area of research and expertise... i struggle to make effective notes when i read an article or chapter. is it better to read the whole thing and then go back and make notes? or to annotate and then make notes from there? or write notes as you read? obviously i know a lot of this will be to do with individual style and preference but i just wondered if you could offer me any tips or strategies that i wouldn't have considered. thanks v much, beccy

Friday, 14 March 2008

Link to my Powerpoint slides

This should be viewable in the browser window, please let me know if there are any problems.

Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Hie all,

Books on the refugee experience
Here we offer a number of well written, illuminating novels and books about the refugee experience. We don't sell them ourselves, we just think you may enjoy them.Hie all,

Jade's Book - 'From There to Here'
Read Refugee Council volunteer Jade Amoli-Jackson's personal account of her journey to the UK, published as part of Penguin anthology, which was TimeOut London's Book of the Week.
Find out more>>

Our choices

First-hand accounts of the refugee experience. These moving books tell the refugees' stories in their own words and include the autobiography of top supermodel, Alek Wek.

A selection of novels written about the refugee experience, including the hugely successful novel 'The Kite Runner,' which has recently been made into a major film.

Collective works featuring poems, novels and memoirs written by refugees living in Britain.

A series of explorations into specific refugee issues. Topics include the use of child soldiers in conflict and the process of human trafficking in Europe. Each book uses personal stories alongside more in-depth analysis to explain the issue involved.

Children's books
Books aimed at younger readers.

A selection of alternative works dealing with refugee issues, including a stunning photographic portrayal of life in Palestinian refugee camps and the extremely popular 'Persepolis' graphic novel series.

RE: Basics

Hie all,

here is one I came across.

Your sessions begin!

From this week, you are now leading the sessions that will cover our key Learning Outcomes. I wish you all good luck - and also issue a caution: you can no longer be ill! If for any reason you feel that you will be unable to run your session, YOU must organise to switch with a colleague.

As you all know, these weeks are being launched by James O'Neill - and I just want to wish him luck, and to say how much I am looking forward to his session tomorrow evening.
Good luck & best wishes,

Monday, 10 March 2008

A news story & a great link!

Dear All - just to alert you to the Independent, Monday 10th March: great story on the Redbridge primary school where 40 different languages are learned - a way of making the diverse student body an opportunity not a problem!

Also - check out this link for on-line space, including on-line journal, on issues of race:

And, hey, be careful out there!

Sunday, 2 March 2008

Sounds Interesting!!!?

Hie Sandra and everyone,

Try this out!

"it is a place where representatives from the North East's 104 different nationalities can meet, share ideas and experiences, and work democratically toward a shared aim: the successful integration of ALL refugees.
It is also a platform where the voice of the region's refugees seeks out and engages with the statutory sector, and other key agencies. In this way we contribute to the immigration debate and actively influence policy."


Over 55 case studies on supporting refugee integration

Hie all,
Colleagues may be interested to see the following website guidance - comprehensive guidance and over 55 case studies on supporting refugee integration in education settings: The Integration of Refugee Children: Good Practice in Educational Settings_ ( This Home Office National Refugee Integration Forum website provides information, guidance and examples of good practice to support the integration of refugee children and young people in schools and other education settings. Tim Spafford


Attaching a link

Thanx Jammie, u a a good teacher as you can see. it worked.
Hie everyone,

Schools receive funding for children of asylum seekers and refugees in the same way as they do for all other children on the school roll, through the ......... read on