Friday, 25 September 2015

Invitation to join the open course: Creativity for Learning in Higher Education, MMU

This autumn I am mostly joining in with Chrissi Nerantzi's open course: Creativity for Learning in HE. Like everybody else I am much too busy and have so much to do I daren't even think about it all... BUT if I don't make time for this - then what's it all about anyway?

So - I am sharing this invitation with you  whoever you are! And hope that you too will make the time - take the leap - and join us... Come on in... the water's lovely!!

Here's Chrissi's invitation: 

Dear colleagues,

The Centre for Excellence in Learning and Teaching at Manchester Metropolitan University in the United Kingdom will be offering the open course Creativity for Learning in Higher Education. I’d like to invite individual colleagues from across the HE sector and groups of colleagues from the same institution and their tutors to join this course as part of their CPD given them the opportunity to spice up their teaching.

We will explore the following themes:
·         Conceptualising creativity in higher education
·         Enablers and barriers of creativity in higher education
·         Learning through play, games, models and stories
·         The role of curiosity and other intrinsic motivations for engagement
·         Developing creative methods and practices
·         Evaluating a pedagogical innovation

This course will be used as a case study for my PhD research in open cross-institutional academic development, with a focus on collaborative learning and I would like to invite learners to participate in this study.

The open course site for Creativity for Learning in HE can be accessed at

The facilitated online part of the course will be offered over 8 weeks starting on the 28th of September 15 until the 20th of November. Participation is flexible and can be fully tailored to personal and professional circumstances and time available. Collaborative learning opportunities will be there as an option for those who wish to learn with others.

I hope this sounds interesting and useful for you and colleagues. Please share this invite with others who might also be interested and access to get started and connect with other learners in our online community at Really looking forward to seeing you there.

Please note, ethical approval for this study has been granted by Edinburgh Napier University and further details about the project will be shared with group/course/module/programme leaders who are considering joining us with a group of colleagues.

Thank you for considering this.

Best wishes,
Chrissi (Nerantzi) from CELT, MMU