Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Get Ahead 2011- a VIRTUAL conference by students and for students?

Our Get Ahead 2010 conference:

There will be no money available for a physical Get Ahead conference for students this year – but we have the opportunity to run a virtual one instead.

I am hoping that enough of us can get together to work out when, where and how to run a virtual conference – about successful study , writing, volunteering, joining a club or society, moving on to successfully apply for and get that great job… Or getting students to devise and deliver a conference on any theme they may choose

In particular I think that we need:

* Events management students to organise it
* Computing, animation and multimedia students to facilitate it
* Students engaged in reflective practice to (be supported to) ‘present’ at it
* As many of our students as possible to attend it
* To award module credits as much as possible around the conference...

The way forward:

* Join us if interested in this
* If you know of other people who might be interested, tell them
* If you already have a plan of how we might make this happen (on the principle that good ideas emerge in many different people at the same time) – you especially should get in touch!
* To join in – go to: