Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Disruption and Difference Through Experimental, Embodied and Non-Written Texts SYMPOSIUM II

I just love the title of this forthcoming symposium:

Disruption and Difference Through Experimental, Embodied and Non-Written Texts 

My friend Gordon Asher shared the information - and the organisers said to spread the word - so this brief blog is just about that!!
Writing Organisation: Disruption and Difference - a symposium organised by Nancy Harding, Mary Phillips and Alison Pullen

To be held on APRIL 2ND 2015, 9.30 am - 5.00pm at the University of Bristol

The aim of this series of one-day symposiums is to promote and provoke experimental forms of representation that challenge and reach beyond the constricting norms of social science research, reinforced by the requirements of many academic journals. This event builds on the highly successful meeting held at the University of Bradford in 2014 which brought together scholars engaged with writing organization/s differently. We explored whether and how scholars can productively and creatively engage with writing that problematises the inter-relations between gendered, sexed, raced and classed bodies normally constrained by writing rules and genres.
This workshop will focus on the practice of producing writing to address the ethical imperative to account for difference in academic representation and as a form of activism and engagement with non-academic audiences. We will explore writing research as a fictionalized account, the ways in which embodied and poetic writing can induce us to re-think our connections to the world, and look at writers whose work can help us towards new ways of acting and writing ethically from the body and from the everyday. We will go on to experiment and play with our own writing and to think how we might further develop these exciting approaches within Management and Organization Studies.

The workshop is free of charge and refreshments will be provided
Please forward to anyone you think might be interested!
Best wishes
Nancy, Mary and Alison
(Sponsored by the Bradford School of Management, the Universities of Bristol and Macquarie, and the Critical Management Studies Division of the Academy of Management)