Thursday, 22 May 2008

Possible final assignment structure

whilst the final assignment is billed as an essay, I am happy to view this more as an academic paper or journal article. As such I think that you can and even should use strap headlines and sub-headings to help both you and your readers navigate your piece.

Possible structure:

Title & sub-title: this should indicate the aim and scope of your writing (you are not writing all you know on the topic)

- Introduce your refugee group - perhaps indicate why this group is of interest to you
- Background: conditions that forced this group to migrate; location, numbers & conditions in the UK; educational success/failure rates
- Literature Review: A critical coverage of the relevant literature with respect to your client group (and touching on key modules areas/themes/learning outcomes - AND the themes identified in your interviews)

Findings: outline what you have discovered through your research

Discussion: discuss your findings in relation to the Lit Review