Friday, 12 September 2014

Tinkering to Learn #ccourses14

Boom! Another academic year – another load of too much to do and too little time – Soooooo... started another course – #ccourses14! (I have the feeling that *course* is an oxymoron in this context – but that is a good thing!) and for the next few weeks the focus of this blog will be co-learning and the co-creation of knowledge in a connected world.

‘Dear Reader’ alert!
Dear Reader,
If you are completely new to online courses and blogging to learn – don’t be put off by not knowing anyone else on the course yet. It is very easy to make friends in these spaces. The trick is to *like*, *Comment*, *re-tweet* and *favourite* the messages that people start to post on and about the course. This is the way that we touch base with each other and build connections, trust and dialogue. The knowledge emerges and develops through these very connections.

I am lucky because many people that I’ve seen on other happy courses (you know who you are #edcmooc and #rhizo14!!) are here – as are people that I have spotted on the almost mythical #ds106. I am looking forward to co-learning with these peeps.

The course proper starts next week, Monday 15th September. If you are still in the process of joining – here’s the link to the one-hour video on the blogging part of this connected courses thing:

To RSS Feed

My big first task is to try to connect this blog to the course list – with the appropriate RSS feed. I have never managed that before! I listened to the instructions on adding the RSS feed – and decided immediately to do the simple link this first time, that is, I will *only* cover #ccourses14 in this blog cos if you cover the course in a multi-topic blog the instructions were WAY too complicated for me!