Thursday, 28 February 2008

Thinking about doing a Literaure Review?

You may remember that I am a member of the Learn Higher Centre for Excellence in Teaching & Learning - go there for information and resources that might support your APPROACHES to to study!!!

Personally, I am undertaking research in to student reading and notemaking strategies - and also producing teaching & learning resources in these areas.

This year I have commissioned the production of an ON-LINE LITERATURE REVIEW.

The Literature Review is on the topic of student Reading issues - and you are very welcome to read the Review for its content - and to join in the BLOG discussions that go with it. this sort of activity helps you to feel part of a lively academic community - this is a good thing!

ALSO - you may want to go there to see what a good literature review should look like - and how you can build one over time...

FINALLY - you might like to go there to read the CONTENT - for much of this review will be covering issues of POWER & CONTROL in relation to education - and you may be interested in these areas - and in the related research - to help you with your case study.

On-line Literature Review

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