Sunday, 2 March 2008

Sounds Interesting!!!?

Hie Sandra and everyone,

Try this out!

"it is a place where representatives from the North East's 104 different nationalities can meet, share ideas and experiences, and work democratically toward a shared aim: the successful integration of ALL refugees.
It is also a platform where the voice of the region's refugees seeks out and engages with the statutory sector, and other key agencies. In this way we contribute to the immigration debate and actively influence policy."



Unknown said...

Wow - this sounds excellent Viv. NB the address has two http:// - but if you remove one you do get there.
As I said last week, I am very keen on voices being heard - and this is spot on...
How do you think you will use thisin your case study?

Beccy said...

hey always good to see something from north east england!!