Monday, 13 October 2008

Notes for Week Three - and beyond

Welcome back to everyone! Remember that we are running the course in room LC-G36 - which is on the ground floor of the Learning Centre.

The story so far:
W1: Introduction to module, to Inquirt Based Learning (IBL) & Free writing.
W2: Logging on the the Last Refuge blog - and posting inroductory blogs. Brief session on research methods – email Sandra for a copy of the power point.
W3: Former student presenting – have your questions ready
W4: Input from RAGU (Refugee Advice & Guidance Unit) specialist

NB Writing specialist to take forward your writing – from week 10.

Your sessions start week five – be ready!

And remember – if you cannot make your session – you have to arrange a swop!

W5: LO1: Constructing the refugee – implications of labelling – Chres

W6: LO2: Psycho-social aspects – Marisa

W7: LO3: Second language acquisition – Uzma

W8: LO5: Educational responses in Western Europe and Kenya – George & Eunice

W9: Overarching: Creative responses – Yiannis

Note: those who have not yet got a topic can double up with Chres, Marisa, Uzma or Yiannis - or choose a topic from the 'Overarching themes'. the idea is that you are proactive on this module!


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