Saturday, 1 September 2012

London Metropolitan University: attacked again - naturally

A small polemic - with apologies to those who believe that academics need to be objective and impartial...

London Met and its students have been vilified for years; being the scapegoat of choice when the degreed class protest widening participation to protect their own privilege. Now it is being attacked in the so-called 'fight against immigration' - with thousands of students given days to find new places to continue their degrees or leave the country.

If this latest attack did not have such appalling consequences for so many - this would be seen as the desperate, laughable, political action that it is - and yet more evidence of the de facto creation of a two tier HE system - not least by the continued bad press that demonises spaces for successful working class/'non-traditional' education. This draconian and patently unjust and unethical behaviour destroys the lives not only of those students immediately affected by the actions of the ConDem  government via the UKBA - but of all LondMet students.

All students need the respect and reward that their degrees deserve. LondMet students know how hard they have worked for their degrees - and they need their degrees to have value in the wider world. This elitist, cruel and partisan behaviour should be protested. Starkey (2002) was allowed to say in the House of Lords that 'there are Mickey Mouse students for whom Mickey Mouse degrees are quite appropriate' - that statement was appalling snobbery and effrontery - it should not have gone unchallenged then - we are paying the price now!

As I was saying to some new friends recently: "First they came for London Met, but I was not a London Met lecturer, so I did not protest... "

Here're just a few tweets:

Remember Starkey (2002) there are Mickey Mouse students for whom Mickey Mouse degrees are quite appropriate? We are paying the price now!
This is from our students: Support for London Metropolitan University and International Students - Sign the Petition
 Harvard students investigated for cheating Shome mishtake shurely? Only LondMet ever guilty...!?
Not illegal, but scapegoated then? ": Times Higher Education - UEL opens doors to London Met students "
  A cynic might say that it is one way to top up recruitment at more favoured HEI affected by fee rises!
" on Today: gvt risking 'perfect storm' for HE, with uncertainties exacerbated by impact of Lon Met decision overseas"
Terrible news about londonmet. Unacceptable treatment of our, or any, students. If there is a problem, fix it. No way for Govt. to behave!

Good interview from  on the UKBA/London Met situation, a punishment on international students not LMU.

This is a complete betrayal for the students at London Met and a disaster for our education sector as a whole

CODA - Since the argument is that all the displaced and traduced students will get an alternative place - just how valid was the hysteria about London Met's untrustworthy practices?

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