Saturday, 25 October 2014

#ccourses 3: Threshold Concepts of a Connected World (and one #nugget) - or

The thinginess of the web:
Crap detection
Q: Why do the powerful sneer at Media Studies?
A: Because they do not want us to detect their crap!!
This is our play
Not ‘digi-lit 101’
byte-sized skills
MCQ'd up the whazoo.
When writing we do not start with a sentence – but with an idea – with something to say – we struggle to articulate and make meaning…
Till in school we are told we cannot spell – or punctuate.
That our grammar is deficit.
That we are deficit
That we need to be fixed.
Digitally different
And not yet corralled
Seeds a different learning
A model
Of enactment.
We learn because we want to
we struggle with meaning and the meaningful…
We wrestle
for voice
for space.
We engage 
we have something to say… 
beyond the cats and dogs and porn and trolls – there is the ineffable beauty of our saying it for ourselves – saying it ourselves.
Threshold Concept:
The portal once crossed
This age
This time
We can re-frame 
We can
generative, collaborative
ideas of learning
Not new:
Bruner had the will to learn
Winnicott played
fiercely alive
fiercely himself.
this medium is the message
The web in its essence invites connection, re-configuring, innovation…
Is an eco-system of connections…
We are the web!!
Trying out loud
The RIF and re-mix culture.
Defeating ‘cheating, collusion and plagiarism’
to connect – create – re-purpose.
Read – write – participate…
Doing, making, crafting.
It’s the joy of these ‘awkward first moments’
of something so momentous:
of Doctorow and the beginning of history…
Tell yourself
Curate your life
Fall off the edge.

Saw the redacted Udell article-poem – went straight into ‘Managing the Assessment and Feedback Process’ with a sheet of arguments for and against the specificity of assessment criteria; referenced #ccourses; set the task of redacting the arguments to produce individual criteria poems; we read out our poems.
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