Friday, 17 April 2015

#rhizo15 And so it begins…

So we start with a little challenge:
I remember training to teach and being told to write my Aims and Objectives – that got me right there – Aims and Objectives? Aren’t they the same thing? Apparently not – we could separate them out – parse and refine them down to the nth degree… Well they could 
– and we could 
learn to play the game.
And given that it is such a tricky game – surely it is a good idea to let people know 
Where we were going?
Wasn’t that fairer?
Didn’t that help those not groomed from birth
To succeed
In this game
To make sense of it – didn’t it level the playing field?
(They sold the playing fields!)
Naturally resistant
(they called me a working class zealot – and my mate Elizabeth is so proud of that for me – thank you Elizabeth!)
I never really understood that these really were boundaries, borders
It was so obviously MORE
A jump off point
Fly from here
Ride those dragons!!
Build habits
Of fun and fury
Of risk and danger
Of trial and error
Let the games begin
Woo hoo #rhizo15!

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Bonus – cos it seems to fit – Henry Reed and ‘The Naming of Parts’ – you can listen to it as well:

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