Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Authentic assignments, student engagement and all that

This is such a strange time for HE. Everybody is talking about student engagement – without actually speaking with or listening to what students want. There is a huge push for e- or blended learning – but surely it can be more than online submission or yet another online quiz? These are some useful vidcasts, sites and examples that I am sharing with my students to seed debate.

Shot by: Jim Davies "Don't Waste Student Work" In this TEDxOttawa talk, Dr. Jim Davies describes how to make student assignments m...

Authentic assignment potential: Real interviews animated by our students: Why I had an FGC (w/subtitles)

Uploaded student's Z-A of University - produced as part of our Tell us the secret of your success project

Student engagement? Not if they don't... 'Listen to the heart'

6 Ways To Make Online Education More Inviting | Edudemic

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