Tuesday, 1 November 2011

E-Library for Performing Arts - wants feedback

"From: ART-TECHNOLOGY@jiscmail.ac.uk

Dear all,
ECLAP - the e-library for performing arts - is a European project and
Best Practice Network that is bringing together the most relevant
performing arts content (videos, photographs, texts, essays, etc.)
from cultural institutions across Europe, that were never before
accessible via the Internet. They are now available on www.eclap.eu.

We would like to find out what you think of the current version of the
ECLAP portal, so we can further improve it to suit your needs. Two of
our partners (namely the Netherlands Institute of Sound and Vision and
the University of Amsterdam) have therefore prepared two surveys. If
you haven't visited the portal before, please go to www.eclap.eu and
go through it before returning to the survey. If you do not have time
to do so and if you are involved in performing arts education as a
teacher, researcher or student, you can also opt to fill out the ECLAP
educational survey. This is specifically aimed at identifying needs,
interests and use of digital heritage in Performing Arts education and
for which prior knowledge of the ECLAP portal is not required.

• A general survey aimed at all target users of ECLAP with the
aim of evaluating the current version of the portal and to collect new
requirements from all types of users =>
• A specific survey aimed at the educational and research target
users with the aim of making an inventory of performing arts
educational practices and which role online resources and tool are
used for these practices =>

We will randomly give away three Amazon €50 gift vouchers to those
that complete one or both of the ECLAP surveys! You can leave your
contact details at the end of the survey if you are interested if you
want to participate in the prize draw.

For questions about this survey or other remarks, please contact Lotte
Belice Baltussen (lbbaltussen@beeldengeluid.nl).
Many thanks for filling these surveys and see you soon on the ECLAP portal!

Best regards,
CĂ©lyne van Corven
La Bellone, House of Performing arts in Brussels
ECLAP dissemination activities coordinator"

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